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Book Trailers

What are the benefits of a book trailer?

Social media viewership currently favors content that moves, whether those are videos, gifs, or animated images. A book trailer is a unique way to target new readers using this medium.

Why Hire Canari?

With 15 years of film industry experience, video trailers are nothing new for us. We have worked with businesses with varying budgets, and as a fellow author we understand your needs.

There is currently no standard for book trailers.

We’re also tired of book trailers looking like PowerPoint slides. Canari is committed to setting a new quality standard for book trailers, hoping to turn the tide in marketing effectiveness and gain authors the advance their book deserves.

Foundations of a Good Book Trailer

Sound Design

Is there ambiance? Are levels balanced? This is the easiest way to differentiate amateur from professional.

Color balance

Stock footage doesn’t have to look like stock footage if you add a bit of effect and color grading.


Pacing sets the tone. It tells us about your story, genre and themes, and is more effective than text on a screen.


Option 1:

Short Ad


10 to 15 seconds
text with images of your book
simple background and music

Option 2:

Social Media Video


15 to 30 seconds
mini trailer in the style of your choice
thorough color grading
detailed sound design

Option 3:

Cinematic Trailer

$120 – 200

1-minute video
designed to look like a blockbuster film
thorough color grading
detailed sound design


Where do you get your content?

Everything used comes from free and paid stock footage/image websites.

Can I use the music of my choice?

You may select your own soundtrack but it is not advised to use music that is not royalty-free.

Can the video be used for commercial purposes?

Everything used will be licensed for you to use for any purpose, personal or commercial. Canari does not require credit for the work. Attribution may be required for certain footages or music.

What does my fee include?

Your fee covers all video, image, and music licenses and 3 rounds of free edits. You will receive the exported video in the formats of your choice. If you require additional services, such as a voice narrator, we will hire at our own expense. Other studios will charge you per hour. We only charge a flat rate.

What do you not do?

We do not use anything involving After Effects or Motion Graphics. We do not record our own footage in most circumstances.

What software do you use?

Most videos are edited in Final Cut Pro X. If your video has special needs, we may switch to Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas for efficiency. Our editors are proficient on all these platforms.

What are vertical videos?

I’m glad you asked. Videos recorded in vertical orientation are considered the bane of filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is the orientation of videos posted on platforms such as TikTok and IG Reels. If you want your video to fit onto these platforms, a completely new video will be made in vertical orientation.

Why don’t you make videos longer than 1 minute?

You can request to have a longer video. We believe part of the reason why so many book trailers perform so poorly is that long videos are not optimal. Video ads perform best when they are between 10-30 seconds. Under 1 minute is a good benchmark for a short film. Your book is not a movie, so you should not hold it to the same standards.

Why do certain genres cost more?

It is much easier to piece together a romance story than a fantasy world that requires special effects. We do not charge based on your book’s genre but rather on what your trailer needs.

Can I ask for more revisions later?

Simple fixes such as text correction can be changed at no cost. Other changes will have additional charges. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot give you the raw editing file.