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Top Seller – Book Trailers

Canari is committed to setting a new quality standard for book trailers, hoping to turn the tide in marketing effectiveness and gain authors the advance their book deserves.

Book trailers are not a one-size-fits-all and we have a variety of plan options to best meet your book’s needs.

Learn more here.

Other Book Services

Prices vary depending on your project. Discounts are available for multiple books and/or services.
TAT is 1-2 weeks depending on availability.

Alpha or Beta Reading

A detailed read-through of your manuscript. We will comment on our initial reactions and give suggestions on character and plot development.

We do not do line editing or proofreading, but we can refer you to talented editors.

Ask for a free 1,000-word sample before committing to pay.

New Author Consultation

You’ve probably pulled your hair more than once trying to figure out how it all works. Self-publishing is not an easy process and there are multiple ways to do it.

Bounce us your questions. We’ll let you know where to find resources, editors, and what the next steps are to publishing your dream book. No strings attached. Just a hearty conversation between two fellow writers.

Book Endorsement

Having a credible endorsement on your blurb or page description can boost your sales. Take excerpts from a 500-word honest review to use on your social media or on your back cover.

(Please note that we will not post the review on any website other than our own. A positive review is not guaranteed. Never pay for an Amazon review.)

Book Formatting

Using Vellum, we can format your book ready for any platform.
$50 covers both ebook and paperback.

Most services charge you for revisions. We understand books will always have mistakes no matter how many editors go through them, so you can rest assured knowing your formatter gives you 3 revisions free of charge.

Video Production Services

Documentaries, Short Films, Commercials – you name it.

Long before Canari was established, our CEO worked on hundreds of film projects, earning over 35 international film awards and taking on clients as big as Former President Obama.
A little canary also said that she is a contest judge and guest-lecturer on video production.

Equipment Used:
Editing Proficiency:
Types of Videos:

What we don’t do:

Sony Alpha NEX-7, Zoom H4n, and much more
FCPX, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas
Event Videography, Commercials, Ads, Music Videos, PSAs, Documentaries, Short Films
Motion Graphics, Animations, Wedding Gigs

Current Rates

We prefer to give flat rates on a project basis. Please email us with the details of your project or event for an accurate quote. Separate rates are as follow:

Event Videography – $20/hr

Video Editing – $15/hr

What do you specialize in?

Canari specializes in production planning and video editing. You can tell us your idea and budget, and we’ll translate it into production terms. Due to the current size of our team, we mostly handle videography gigs and event coverage.

Where are you based?

Canari takes on all projects located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
If you are located in Southern California, we can put you in touch with our industry friends in the area. They will not be as cheap, but they are extremely talented.

Other Services

Canari team members are behind some of the raving artworks circling social media. These limited-time services are based on commission availability.

Custom Amiibo or Funko-Pop

1 Figure – $100-125 (Depending on complexity). includes shipping and customizations.

What is the process?

After receiving the figurine, painting takes about 10 days. Since figurines are not always in stock, please reach out to us at least 1 month in advance to check for availability.

Pink Mercy Funko-Pops commissions will be discontinued after 12/31/22 due to the increasing cost of Mercy figures. We have a limited supply ready to ship.

Do I have to mail you a figurine?

We will buy a new one and add it to the total cost. With that said, we do not take rare figurines or amiibos with saved data.

Traditional Art

Do: OCs, Anime-Style, Semi-Realism
Don’t: Furry, NSFW, Mecha, Digital Art
Price range: $50-100